Unsere DYNAdent auf der SIDEX 2021 in Korea

Our korean partner JFM exhibited our DYNAdent at SIDEX 2021 in Korea.


SIDEX 2021 


The compact, easy-to-use DYNAdent testing machines for the dynamic testing of dental implants are specially designed to meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14801.

The load subjected to each specimen corresponds exactly to the geometry specified by the norm with regard to the load angle, the type of load angle, the type of load application and the specimen holder.


Unlike universal testing machines, which have traditionally being used for this purpose, the DYNAdent-Series is devised in an optimum force range, thereby required significantly less energy as well as ensuring accuracy for all testing specification by the norm. Under repeated oscillation the machines can enrage a sinusoidal force up to 600 N.


The low energy consumption and media requisition as well as its small size makes its operation very economical. In view of cost efficiency, the acquisition of the DYNA5dent for five implants is significantly cheaper than five single DYNA1dent.


The test system uses DYNA-MESS acclaimed and very user-friendly DYNA-TCC software. The results are displayed graphically in form of distance-time diagramms and as reports in PDF format as well. The machines are network-compatible and provides the raw data in TDM or ASCII format.





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