Test machines for timing belts/gears

Dynamic testing of timing belts and gears for service life investigation

The test machine is designed to perform tests on two belts simultaneously. Speed and torque can be adjusted independently for each belt to be tested. The following features are possible with this machine:

  • Data recording of fatigue tests
  • Pulsed testing with a fixed drive
  • Endurance tests with a define load profile
    Pruefstand fuer Zahnriemen

Test modules for various test applications:

  • The fixed drive can apply a torque with a frequency up to 10 Hz.
  • The drive can apply torque to follow previously recorded vehicle data. The actuator then switches to the appropriate control (angle or torque).

RiemendauerlaufTemperature control is also possible during the test from -50°C up to 125°C.

The following parameters can be measured: belt pretension, torque, angle and the temperature of the belt. All sensors, except the belt temperature sensors, are located outside the test cabinet.

Technical data 

Drive speed: 0 to 3.000 min-1
Max. torque :

25 Nm (static)
5 Nm at 3.000 min-1

Max. frequency: 10 Hz
Angular displacement: ± 5 °