Vibration tests

DYNA-MESS machines can be used to test vibration absorbers. Static and dynamic tests can be performed to evaluate the tension/compression properties. With a lot of machines that cover a wide range of force, 1kN to 100kN, it is possible to find a solution for every kind of vibration test requirements.

The machines can be used for the following applications:

Static tests

  • Static deflectionKennwertmessung an Schwinggsdaempfer
  • Determination of the thickness of the vibrations absorber
  • Mechanical properties: stiffness, damping

Destructive static tests

  • The load is gradually increased until fracture or failure of the part occurs

Creep tests

  • Constant loading for a long term evaluation

Dynamic tests

  • Mechanical properties: stiffness, damping
  • Natural frequency
  • Change of the damping properties due to heating

Sweep tests

  • Relation between the dynamic damping constant and the amplitude of the excitation
  • Relation between the damping properties and the amplitude of the excitation
  • Relation between the attenuation of the frequency and the degree of insulation
  • Insulation grade
  • Calculation of insulation grade with a fixed excitation frequency

Service life tests

  • Dynamic Fatigue tests with a defined excitation frequency
  • Long-term investigation of the dynamic performances of a material
  • Evaluation of the effects of damages on the material

Schwingpruefung an MaschinenlagerWith the flexible DYNA-MESS test machines it is possible to do shock experiments or any other kind of tests that require special conditions.

DYNA-MESS machines are the solution for material characterization and are a perfect tool to provide information about materials and components. DYNA-MESS machines are also a good way to ensure the quality of your products for a long-term use and their stability in a rough industrial environment.