Modernization of testing machines

Prüfmaschine Nene nach ModernisierungThe modernization of an old testing machine is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new one.

The modernization of a testing machine consists of a complete overhaul. If necessary, the frame of the machine is modified, all sensors replaced, all electronic components are updated and the test software is replaced by the DYNA-MESS user friendly software.


From "OLD" to "NEW"  -Example 1

Application Modernisation engl


Example 2 - from "old" make "new"

Application Modernisation 2 engl


Benefits of a modernization

  • Latest measurement technology
  • Digital control
  • User friendly operating software DYNA-TCC
  • Documentation and report of the tests
  • Complete overhaul of the testing machine
  • Warranty on all new components
  • CE marked with declaration of conformity
  • Ergonomic workplace
  • Visual enhancement
  • Space saving by replacing the old electrical cabinet
  • Reduced future maintenance