End-of-line testing machines

fertigungsintegrierte EOL Prüfung an MotorlagernThe end-of-line testing machines are used for in-process testing. DYNA-MESS testing machines are the perfect solution when 100% of the production needs to be controlled. In addition to the validation of the quality of the manufactured products, the end-of-line testing machines are a good quality insurance tool as the data of each test are automatically stored for further analysis.

End of line Prüfung an hydraulischen BuchsenDepending on the application, different types of testing machines can be provided to perform:

  • static properties measurement
    damping, stiffness, hysteresis,...
  • dynamic properties measurement
    hysteresis, stiffness, loss angle,...
  • dimensional measurement
    deformation under load, adjustment, ...
  • functional measurement
    separation, bonding strength, ...

In-process testing

For in-process testing, the parts to be tested are loaded with semi-automated equipments or manually.
Fertigungsprüfung Spielmessung SitzschieneDepending on the test to be performed, destructive or non-destructive tests can be achieved. The number of parts to be tested can be up to 100% of the production (for non-destructive test).


Fully automated testing machines

Hydrolager PrüfungFully automated tests are performed when the testing machine is integrated in the production line (end of production line or in-line testing).
The loading, handling and transportation of the parts are also automated. No human interaction is necessary to operate the testing machine.