Torsion testing machines

DYNA-MESS offers torsion testing machines for a broad range of materials and components to be tested, such as:Torsionspruefung 2000 Nm

  • Elastomer couplings
  • Automotive clutches
  • Flywheels
  • Transmissions
  • Drive shafts
  • ...

Static and dynamic properties

Torsionspruefung 8000 NmTwo types of load can be applied on the specimen, static or dynamic. The static load is usually applied until fracture or when failure of the parts occurs. The dynamic load is used for fatigue tests and service life analysis. For dynamic load, vibration can be added to the standard load in order to create a real condition of usage.

The test machines can also be used for non-destructive tests to evaluate some properties of the material as:

  • Resistance to static torsion
  • Hysteresis
  • Stiffness under different loading forces
  • Loss angle
  • Strength loss
  • ...

Development and manufacturing

Torsionspruefmaschine 2000 NmThe testing machines can be designed for research and development or to be part of the production line. The production-integrated testing stations are useful when 100% of the manufactured components need to be tested. Usually, these testing machines are quipped with an automatic feeding system to perform pass/fail tests.


Special testing benches

Umlaufender TorsionspruefstandDepending of the test to be performed, the machines can be equipped with several actuators. For example, with the addition of a constant speed drive, it is possible to generate slip between the input and the output side where the load is applied. The design of our standards torsion testing machines can also be adapted to combine axial and radial load.Torsionspruefung an Schiffskupplung 150 kNm