Dynamic testing machines

DYNA-MESS offers a wide range of vertical testing machines, with a flexible design and suitable for any testing requirements.

Machine frame

Pruefmaschine V2H 20DYNA-MESS testing machines are designed with an extremely stable frame subjected to low deformations. We strongly believe that this is the key point for a high quality testing machine.

Frame types:

  • 2 / 4 columns frame
  • Test cylinder above / below

Test cylinder

Pruefmaschine V4H 25To apply load, two options are possible: a powerful servo-hydraulic actuator or a cost efficient servo-pneumatic actuator.


Dynamic performances

Depending of the cylinder type (pneumatic or hydraulic), different tests can be performed.

For servo-hydraulic actuators:Pruefmaschine V2H 20 mit Steuerschrank

  • static tests
  • dynamic tests with a frequency up to 10 Hz
  • dynamic tests with a frequency up to 100 Hz
  • dynamic tests with a frequency up to 400 Hz

For servo-pneumatic actuators:Pruefmaschine V4H 200

  • static tests
  • dynamic tests with a frequency up to 10 Hz
  • dynamic tests with a frequency up to 35 Hz

Measuring sensors

Pruefmaschine V4H 2000DYNA-MESS testing machines are equipped with high precision force and displacement measuring sensors.

Additional measuring sensors can also be integrated upon request.


Electronic control and software

The DYNA-MESS electronic control can be installed on a desk or in industrial enviroment in special cabinets regrouping all the electronic controls and the computer.

A Windows© computer and our tailor-made software DYNA-TCC are included with all of our testing machines.

Areas of application

Quasi-static tensile/compression tests
Materials testing
Fatigue tests
S-N curve
Determination of fatigue resistance
Service life testing
Hysteresis curve  
Determination of the static properties of materials
Determination of the dynamic properties of materials


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